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Outsourced Solutions

Every day, we demonstrate the value we place on our clients by exceeding their expectations and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We have the expertise, background and infrastructure to deliver a full end-to-end solution. We have served some of the worlds largest corporations and taken on the administrative burden freeing up our customers time, allowing them to focus on their priorities.

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Gibbs Hybrid’s 21st Century Outsourcing includes a combination of business and technology forces combined to drive the need for “digital” solutions. Digital, within Outsourcing, is the challenge of being more customer-centric i.e. putting the customer first. Gibbs Hybrid recognises the need to increase solution speed to market, rapidly respond to customer needs, and create authentic brand customer touchpoints.

Every organisation is different – with different priorities, objectives and culture. Gibbs Hybrid recognises this and values these differences to create unique outsourcing services customised to fit client scope, organisational dynamics and the ROI imperative.

Whether you are seeking to outsource parts of a process or a function we remain committed to being an extension of your business.


For more information on Outsourced Solutions contact:
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Integrated BuyDesk Solutions

Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed to help organisations manage their vendor spend and tail spend through a transparent process. We help you understand where you are currently spending and to ensure best value options can be utilised. We work with you to reduce the administrative burden faced by your business. We attend to your needs, understand your problem statement and develop a bespoke solution tailored to you and your business. Our BuyDesk solution offers a variety of options and allows you to create a flexible hybrid model that can integrate into your business and take on the tasks you wish to outsource.

We have helped customers with:

  • Running procurement processes to select vendors as part of an RFP process, supporting stakeholders with supplier market intelligence and benchmarking to make the right strategic sourcing decisions.
  • Onboarding of suppliers: ensuring compliant contracts, governance, risk mitigation, background checks, ERP set up, induction and training are carried out.
  • Paying suppliers and removing the headache of payment to multiple vendors by consolidating your payments to just one vendor and providing data analytics and reporting.

Our Partnerships
Our partnership approach allows us to work collaboratively with all areas of your organisation to create an end-result that suits the various needs for the different stakeholder groups involved or impacted by the updates you want to make. We listen to you and test our understanding of your needs throughout the programme, not just at the implementation stage. This allows us to flex, scale and evolve with your business as it grows.

Our Experience
Drawing on a vast and varied pool of knowledge, we can advise on the latest processes available to suit your programme requirements. We have access to resources and partners that enable us to guide you on the current best practices. Our internal collaboration team is also able to guide on successful processes that work for other areas of our business, as we believe innovation is crucial to success.


Emma Sharp – Programme Manager
Emma has been working in the staffing industry for just shy of a decade in roles giving exposure to multiple end clients, processes and engagement models. She has most recently been a Programme Manager within Gibbs Hybrid’s Outsourced Solutions for 4 years.

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Talent Acquisition Team

Whether you wish to partner with a specialist Talent Acquisition provider that can deliver a full end-end capability or you simply require support with certain parts of the Talent Acquisition process such as sourcing and screening, building of talent communities or your Employer Value Proposition, Gibbs Hybrid works with you in partnership to deliver better outcomes.

At Gibbs Hybrid, we support organisations looking for specialist Talent Acquisition providers that can supplement and complement their own HR and Talent Acquisition expertise and capabilities.

Whether you are looking for a full end-to-end capability to manage a specific short-term project or you need support with just certain parts of the Talent Acquisition process, Gibbs Hybrid can help. Utilising our Training Academy to help bridge skills gap, Gibbs Hybrid will support with Training innovation and methodologies to secure the best talent.

The services we provide range from more transactional activities such as recruitment administration and interview scheduling to higher value, specialist expertise and capability. The creation of talent communities, building digital recruitment marketing campaigns using specific, relevant and targeted recruitment marketing content conveying a compelling Employer Value Proposition. We aim to drive high levels of multi-channel candidate engagement and support digital sourcing strategies.

Through close partnership with our clients, we optimise your Talent Acquisition outcomes by supplementing capability gaps, building expertise and through increased levels of candidate engagement providing the best quality candidates.

For more information on Outsourced Solutions contact:
+44 (0) 208 773 7655 
[email protected]

Build, Operate & Transfer BPO

Gibbs Hybrid’s BOT is a service that meets the increasing challenge of organisations moving operational functions across geographies. Whether it is to open up a new centre of excellence in the same country or move functions from one geography to another, Gibbs Hybrid can help with the Build, Operate and Transfer expertise.

We can Build a new function, Operate the function, and then Transfer your business functions back to you seamlessly.

Gibbs Hybrid’s Build Operate Transfer is a service solution that meets the increasing challenge of international organisations moving operational functions across geographies. Gibbs Hybrid’s delivers a new class of outsourcing to generate better business results while providing visibility and control to your business with measurable, predictable and repeatable outsourcing service delivery.

Are you facing the need to reduce operational costs? Are you seeking to relocate functions of your business to a more cost-effective location and closer to key stakeholders? Looking for an exceptional location with high-quality talent?

We have the expertise, background and infrastructure to deliver a full end-to-end solution. We can Build an operations centre, Operate the function, and then Transfer your business functions back to you seamlessly.

We are also offering clients the option of altering the outcome such that we continue to fully operate it, as a traditional BPO model, without returning it to the client. This level of flexibility is simply unmatched in the industry. We provide a rapid scaling of your operations, process improvements and automation, reduced infrastructure set-up costs and, critically, reduced time to operational efficiency.

Build, Operate, Transfer is part of Gibbs Hybrid’s suite of Outsourcing solutions.

Typical Outsourcing operations are:

IT Help Desk/ Service Desk
Recruitment administration
HR administration
Finance processing
Business process outsourcing


Our Business Process Outsourcing centre is based in Gdansk, a vibrant, progressive city in the Pomerania region of Poland. We chose to headquarter there because of its location and its educated, outward-looking young population. Gdansk is home to 1.25 million people and its 4 universities educate 90,000 people annually. English is widely spoken, and most of the workforce speaks several additional languages, making Gdansk an ideal location for operations with multilingual requirements.

It is also a beautiful city, with many historic sites and close to beaches, forests and lakes. With its international schools and cultural richness, Gdansk is a very attractive location.

Gibbs’ facility has been designed to allow fast start-up operations, scaling to tackle the immediate task while the project team fits out a longer-term base. It is a new location in the business heart of the city. The operation is within our CEE headquarters, fully staffed with operations, technical, logistics and HR personnel.

Why BPO?
• Close management of OpEx with reduced Capital outlays
• Transparent, pre-determined costs entering and exiting the engagement
• Internal resources not required to source, recruit and onboard new hires
• Avoidance of the learning curve associated with operating in a new location

Why Gibbs Hybrid?
• Our experience includes a recent Build, Operate, Transfer project for a multi-national bank. We completed the project, processing 700 staffers into the client’s operation, which has since grown to 3000 employees.
• We have an established facility in Gdansk allowing for fast start-up onsite, while a permanent location is being provisioned.
• Market expertise and operations in Gdansk gives immediate access to talent.
• Our subject matter experts operate across geographies and markets. Experience spans technology, pharmaceutical, financial services and other industries.
• We drive lean thinking into our process development, operating in an Agile continuous improvement environment.
• Gibbs Hybrid is a lean, sophisticated international business based in the UK with additional locations, staff and consultants in Luxembourg, Ireland, USA and Poland.

A woman minority-owned business, Gibbs Hybrid serves mid-market and Fortune 500 companies globally. Since its establishment in 2005, we have grown to over $100 million in annual revenue with more than 700 employees, associates and consultants.

For more information on Business Process Outsourcing contact:
+44 (0) 208 773 7655 
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Payrolling Services

Payroll Solution Innovation – you manage your business and leave payroll to us. Temp or Professional Services Company

Our payrolling solution, PayBUDI, is a complete full-service modern solution for managing all your payroll needs. Our fully integrated end-to-end service does all the hard work for you, including filing and deposits for all tax jurisdictions. PayBUDI minimises payroll headaches, reduces tedious paperwork and makes ‘no penalties’ a reality.

PayBUDI was created to service the rapid increase in outsourcing of payroll services and hybrid payroll solutions. Software-as-a-Service payment models are driving market growth for payroll and PayBUDI is built on the Gibbs Hybrid agile, innovative and low-cost SaaS platform for HR and eProcurement.

Main Solution Features

100% Cloud
Stage Based Payruns
Full Reporting and Analytics
Manager and Worker Self-Service
Time and Leave management
Multi-company support
Supports all Pay types and frequencies
Accounting and GL integration


Pricing Options

PayBUDI is available with three main pricing options:

Pure Pay Payroll allows you to manage your business and leave all your payroll needs to us.

Contractor Payroll is a high-end B2B Contractor management and payroll service. Whether you self-source or engage agency contract workers, Contractor Payroll manages time and expense entry and approval as well as consolidated invoicing.

Full-Service Payroll is the ultimate Contractor and Employee management and Payroll service. A full B2B service, Gibbs Hybrid manages your workers according to classification, employs and manages temporary staff for your workforce needs.


Benefits of the PayBUDI Payroll Service

Simplicity. No software to download. The PayBUDI portal provides access to all the data your need and dashboards to manage and monitor your payroll requests and payroll run status.

Accuracy Guarantee. All filings and deposits 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Integration. PayBUDI is completely integrated with finance accounting processes and solutions for seamless payroll management. Double keying of payroll data is a thing of the past.

Flexibility. You can choose which way you want to pay both employees and non-employees on your payroll.


For more information on Payrolling, contact:
+44 (0) 208 773 7655 
[email protected]

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