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G-Cloud 11 Services

Gibbs Hybrid is a proud supplier of Cloud Support services to the Public Sector via the G Cloud 11 Framework, enabling UK public sector bodies to choose and buy services from our Managed Solutions offering on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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To view our Service Definition document detailing our 21 individual Cloud Support offerings, please click here.

We provide our buyers with scalable Cloud Support services, with the option of increasing or reducing their requirements at any given time, thus only paying for what they use. We offer a quick and easy route to market, resulting in significant cost savings compared to running these services in-house.

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Meet The Team

Paul Long | Head of Programme Solutions

Paul joined Gibbs Hybrid as an Executive Consultant in 2009, after 18 successful years working in the City of London for a number of Tier 1 Global Investment Banks, undertaking middle and senior management positions within their Technology departments. Paul made instant changes and improvements to ensure that the FO and Trading areas of the businesses received platinum service from his teams. Paul created innovative solutions to improve resolution, productivity and customer experience whilst transforming his teams from acceptable to exceptional.

Paul has successfully implemented and delivered strategic global programmes and portfolios of work whilst ensuring sustainability and scalability. Paul is fully adept with PM methodologies, including Prince2 and Agile.

Paul is a strategist and “solutionist” who created, designed and set-up the Programme Solutions division at Gibbs Hybrid, which has become a successful addition to the Gibbs portfolio of services.


Mo Mohammed | Programme Solutions Manager

Mo is a Programme Solutions Manager engaged on Gibbs Hybrids key and critical accounts within the Programme Solutions Business. 

Primarily focused on our Statement of work offering, delivering additional value and cost savings to our FTSE 100 customer base. Mo has been with Gibbs for 10 years, absorbing each step of the company’s highly impressive, industry defying growth and expansion of services. During this time he has assumed a variety of positions within the organisation, giving him a diverse and broad range of skills drawn from various functions within the business.

In his spare time, Mo self-studies macroeconomics and financial market trends, covering a broad range of asset classes and derivatives. He also enjoys spending time in the gym and is happily married with two young children.

Agile Coaching And Support

Our Agile coaching and support services are designed to support your move to Agile, enhancement of your existing Agile practice and deliver continuous improvement into your Agile capability. We offer 1:1 coaching, pairing, workshops and training courses designed with you in mind, at a pace that suits your teams.

Business Analytics (BA) as a Service

Our BA as a Service provides flexible, on-demand business analysis services tailored to your organisation’s change and transformation agenda. By drawing on our extensive experience in Cloud, Digital, Operations, Regulatory, Application development and domain-specific SME knowledge, we form an understanding of both your organisation and your project needs.

Cloud Integration Services

Our mature service offering gives you the capability to design, implement, test and launch Cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and others) that fully integrate with your internal legacy technology platforms. We provide implementation capability, ensuring a production-ready, fully tested solution, delivering your value proposition and realising your Cloud strategy.

Cloud Maturity Assessment Services

We assess the maturity of your services to maximise the benefits of Cloud, reviewing your current technology offering (systems, capacity, development maturity and processes) and providing balanced, objective and actionable analysis to support future roadmap planning and identification of the next steps in your Cloud journey.

Cloud Migration Solutions

We apply the latest DevOps, Continuous Integration and Automation, defining and implementing a Cloud migration solution that is right for you. You can expect to realise the value proposition and cost benefits associated with modernised tooling and simplified service management that accompanies the migration to new or existing Cloud platforms.

Cloud Optimisation Solutions

Extensive industry knowledge and expertise to maximise the value and improve the operational excellence of your Cloud platforms. We collaborate with you to understand how your current processes, practices and services are utilising the Cloud to provide clear, actionable and impartial advice to help optimise your current service offering.

Cloud Testing Services

Our test specialists can support and deliver a range of testing services including functional, non-functional (performance, security, accessibility), automation testing and acceptance testing. We can support product and developer testing / test coaching and provide end-to-end test management, strategic planning and creation / generation of test scripts.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery enables our clients to deploy more frequently. Our Continuous Integration (CI) solutions team blend the very best of ITIL, Agile, automation testing and defect resolution to help support our clients’ CI agenda, whilst ensuring safer, reliable and more autonomous deployments.

Data Architecture / Engineering

Data is the lifeblood of any successful organisation. A robust, efficient data analytics platform that securely manages, processes, interprets and provides a meaningful representation of the data is key. We provide end-to-end, full-stack design and implementation of analytics platforms to help you realise this power.

DevOps Solutions

Our experts help you design and develop your digital transformation journey, and assist with deploying and supporting the code migration path. DevOps will help your team to deploy code to production from development quickly and safely, using a scalable method to deploy and transition into live support.

Digital Discovery and Consultancy Service Design

Our team can support the planning and scope of your Cloud offering by working with you to map out, define and understand the user needs and stories before determining your Cloud and digital transformation strategy that will address your needs and set the project off on the right path.

Digital Transformation Services

Our Managed Solutions team can build a Cloud-based digital service portfolio, leveraging your Cloud investment to maximise value and help develop your culture and capabilities to drive your digital transformation; leaving a lasting legacy service. Our extensive experience offers broad digital, multi-channel capability and optimises results through proven delivery frameworks.

Discovery and Innovation Solutions

Sharing your passion for innovation, we are experts in driving value, capacity and strategic change to help not only achieve but extend your value proposition and growth targets throughout the entire project life cycle – from the identification of strategy through to deployment of the project using lean / Agile methodologies.

Enterprise Architecture as a Service

Our Enterprise Architecture as a Service provides flexible, on-demand Architecture and design services tailored to your organisation’s change and transformation agenda. With extensive Cloud, Digital, Operations, Regulatory, Application development, infrastructure understanding and experience, we provide technology agnostic support and minimise commercial risk and exposure without compromising on quality.

Multi-Cloud & Cloud Solution, Design and Implementation

We work in partnership with you, bringing our extensive experience in the development of multi-Cloud and Cloud strategy, design and implementation; helping you to achieve your vision. Our extensive Agile, automation, open source, DevOps, continuous integration, web-ops and API experience ensures your Cloud ambitions become a reality.

Multi-Discipline Solutions

Designed when you need to mobilise quickly, have bandwidth issues or need to augment sprint teams to increase velocity. We build ready-made teams for any given scenario. We help take an idea from business case to mobilisation, creating SCRUM teams to develop and test proof of concept.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Architecture

Our extensive PaaS architecture, development, deployment and support experience ensures our clients can tap into expertise that delivers a robust service. Our Cloud-first, agnostic technology approach, coupled with our Agile deployment and automated testing, enables you to harness a continuous deployment pipeline to realise your Cloud ambition.

Project Advisory Services

Our Project Assurance and Audit service provides an expert view on the status, health and commercial exposure of specific projects, portfolios and programmes of work. We offer an independent view of progress, with actionable solutions and commercial savings for inflight projects, plus SME advice, support and Market Intelligence.

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Our Project Management as a Service offering provides flexible, on-demand Project Management tailored to your organisation’s change and transformation agenda. Our responsive, field-tested teams deploy Cloud, Digital, Operations, Regulatory, Application development and infrastructure change within a managed resourcing structure; minimising commercial risk and exposure without compromising on quality.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Multi-channel technology service design is the cornerstone to true operational and technology efficiency. We work to understand your needs, values and drivers, then leverage the best points of Agile to deliver iterative sprints; stress testing the process to optimise the service and make it fit for purpose from day 1.

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