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London maintains its dominance for talent as rest of UK lags behind

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Less than half of UK executives believe they have the digital talent and skills to propel their business forward in the digital economy

London is the most popular city in the world to work in, reiterating its dominance as a financial and technology hub, according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). However, London’s position as the largest and fasting growing tech hub in the UK is not cementing the rest of the UK as a world-wide destination for talent.[1]

The UK as a whole has dropped in the rankings by three places over concerns about the cross-border movement of workers following Brexit. [2] The falling attractiveness of the UK to foreign talent is worrying, as less than half of UK executives believe they have the digital skills to lead their organisation in the digital economy.

Businesses and government are ploughing investment to battle against the lack of technology expertise and skill. The government has unveiled a £1.3bn funding package to help the UK attract world-leading talent in the fields of science and technology.[3] 

Farida Gibbs, CEO and founder of Professional Services firm, Gibbs Hybrid comments:

“Economic and business growth are dependent on the ability to access and retain the best talent. With a lot of emphasis on the latest technology, digital skills and expertise also remain a prized asset in a world where every industry is touched by technology.

“We find ourselves in a paradoxical situation,” she continued, “with the increasing demand for skilled digital expertise against a widening gap of digital skills. To combat the skills shortage many businesses face, it is important to broaden the talent pool of recruits to include ethnic minorities and women.”


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