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Total Talent Management Services

Every day, we demonstrate the value we place on our clients by exceeding their expectations and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Gibbs' Total Talent Management Services give our clients the ability to fully capitalise on the potential of their employees together with the extended workforce. 

Optimising a blend of both permanent and contingent talent enables organisations to be agile, responsive and relevant with the latest skills and expertise in an ever changing market.

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We don’t have ‘off the shelf’ solutions but rather a core set of skills, competencies and more importantly, values that define what we are all about.

We work closely with our clients, invest in our relationships and together co-design and implement Talent solutions and services.  Based on your needs and desired business outcomes and objectives, we co-design and build solution and service offerings leveraging our expertise using people, process and best in class technology.

Whether for proof of concept pilot engagements or for multi-year partner arrangements, the commitment to our clients and the benefits we deliver is unwavering.

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Contingent Workforce Management

Different skills and requirements are found from different sources of supply and via a variety of engagement types.

Different skills and requirements are found from different sources of supply and via a variety of engagement types. It doesn’t have to be a One Size fit all.

All organisations have varying levels of maturity and starting points for their contingent workforce management needs. Indeed, as companies increasingly undergo digital transformation and look at ways to become more agile themselves, the drivers and business needs previously satisfied by a traditional managed service approach can start to feel outdated.

Starting with a clear vision of your objectives and how you want to support the business is a great starting point to evolve and add value to your flexible workforce strategy. Regardless of where you are on that journey, Gibbs Hybrid can help you.

Through high levels of business partnering and a detailed understanding of stakeholder needs, we support the increasing important use of a flexible workforce.

We don’t bring a single solution, process or technology to every client but rather assess each client instance in its own right. We work closely with you to co-design a service solution that optimises where you are today and anticipates your needs tomorrow, delivering the outcomes and objectives your business needs.

The contingent workforce landscape is increasingly complex. Gibbs Hybrid enables its clients to access these multiple and increasing sources of external Talent supply using a variety of operating models, process and service management capabilities leveraging best in class technologies and industry expertise to provide you with total compliance, visibility and programme governance.

Having the flexibility to access these is paramount for organisations that need agility and responsiveness within their business. At Gibbs Hybrid, we believe there is always a better way

Talent Acquisition Engagement & Optimisation

Whether you wish to partner with a specialist Talent Acquisition provider that can deliver a full end-end capability or you simply require support with certain parts of the Talent Acquisition process such as sourcing and screening, building of talent communities or your Employer Value Proposition, Gibbs Hybrid works with you in partnership to deliver better outcomes.

At Gibbs Hybrid we believe RPO is a thing of the past and the future is Talent Acquisition Engagement & Optimisation.

Driven by the maturing of social media and an ‘apparent’ abundance of Talent with a digital presence and the availability of cool, enabling technologies, organisations are increasingly questioning why they should pay a premium to recruitment partners to find candidates they can find themselves at a fraction of the agency fees traditionally charged.

At Gibbs Hybrid, we support organisations looking for specialist Talent Acquisition providers that can supplement and complement their own HR and Talent Acquisition expertise and capabilities.

Whether you are looking for a full end-end capability to manage a specific short-term project or you need support with just certain parts of the Talent Acquisition process, Gibbs Hybrid can help.

At Gibbs Hybrid, we work with you to provide the best possible outcomes leveraging our expertise in people, process and technology.

The services we provide range from more transactional activities such as recruitment administration and interview scheduling to higher value, specialist expertise and capability including the creation of talent communities, building digital recruitment marketing campaigns using specific, relevant and targeted recruitment marketing content conveying a compelling Employer Value Proposition to drive high levels of multi-channel candidate engagement and support digital sourcing strategies.

Through close partnership with our clients, we optimise your Talent Acquisition outcomes by supplementing capability gaps, building expertise and through increased levels of candidate engagement providing the best quality candidates.

Supplier Tail Management

Companies can easily find themselves having built up a significant long tail of non-core suppliers and associated spend.

Companies can easily find themselves having built up a significant long tail of non-core suppliers and associated spend.

Just because a supplier is not one of the biggest or more strategic ones does not mean they are not important or don’t have significant potential value to an organisation and its business.

Constrained resources within the Procurement function often mean there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to support all these sorts of requests from the business.

Inevitably, this can cause delay, frustration for all parties, a less than desirable user experience and in business terms, potential loss of significant future revenues and business opportunities.

At Gibbs Hybrid, we leverage our expertise in people, process and technology leveraging our more than 12 years of experience working with 3rd party suppliers.

With core competencies across legal, compliance and due diligence in areas such as risk, finance, security and technology, we provide organisations with an alternate option to manage their 3rd party supplier tail spend via a managed service solution.

Gibbs Hybrid’s world class BUDI (Business Platform for Uniform Development and Integration) microservices architecture enables us to break down traditional information and data silos between applications and operating systems.

This allows us to implement data, application, API and process integration and automation from both cloud and on -premises system endpoints. Breaking down application silos and previously unmined data allows us to conduct spend analytics, create value based procurement strategies and drive higher levels of collaboration with category managers providing our clients with greater opportunities to realise value from their tail spend.

By creating an extension of your procurement organisation, we enable you to identify, engage, on-board and manage suppliers providing valuable speed to market, agility and responsiveness in a fully compliant and visible way.

Services Procurement Vendor Management

With the pace of business change placing increasing reliance on 3rd party skills and expertise, the need for improved access to services based delivery has never been greater.

In the last decade, enormous strides have been made in ‘traditional’ temporary workforce management in terms of process optimisation and enabling technologies etc, however comparatively little progress has been seen in services procurement during this same period.

As a result, it is hardly surprising that just as an organisation increases its processes and governance for temporary labour, more and more labour related spend is being driven towards services based engagements where the business often is able to enjoy greater levels of ‘autonomy, control and flexibility’.

At Gibbs Hybrid, our philosophy is simple – to make the right way to buy, the easy way. This applies to how we support organisations manage their services based supplier engagements.

Very often, procurement’s involvement in many services based engagements is limited to the initial RFX procurement process, vendor evaluation, selection and then formal onboarding as an approved supplier.

Due to bandwidth constraints, Procurement are often unable to provide hands on support for the ongoing delivery management, supplier relationship and performance management of an engagement. As a result, this often falls to the business and the engagement manager who can be ill-equipped or lack the time to dedicate to these tasks.

Without a supporting infrastructure and a service operating framework with structured, yet flexible process using enabling technology, the management of services engagements can become time consuming, complex and expensive for organisations to manage.

Failing to ensure that suppliers are meeting their contractual obligations, that suppliers’ employees and associate resources have all undergone appropriate background checking and screening and that delivery specifications have been adhered to and milestones have been fully met are all examples where unnecessary reputational risk and significant unplanned cost can be experienced if not done correctly or indeed at all.

At Gibbs Hybrid, we provide our clients with a managed service solution capability to manage their services procurement engagements, end to end.

With high levels of business partnering, we work closely with business stakeholders demonstrating deep operational understanding of the business requirements to work with suppliers creating the appropriate supplier relationship, business engagement and desired outcomes.

As an extension of your procurement organisation, Gibbs Hybrid enables organisations to identify, engage, onboard and manage suppliers and supplier engagements providing valuable speed to market, agility and responsiveness providing a catalyst for revenue generation.

Gibbs Hybrid’s vendor management solutions and services provide the operating framework to manage your 3rd party services engagements with complete visibility and control.

Internal Talent Mobility

Gibbs Hybrid have pioneered a managed service solution for internal mobility providing orchestration of all internal functions for the Joiners, Movers, Leavers process.

Over the last decade, the sourcing of external talent has seen huge investments made by service provider organisations and technology companies. These include significant developments to optimise process, source, screen and engage the very best talent in the market – all in the name of reducing Cost and Time to Hire.

At Gibbs Hybrid, we have long identified that often the best quality candidates are those already within an organisation – those employees that understand the culture of how things get done, exemplify the culture and values whilst at the same time demonstrate both core competencies and a desire to learn new skills and expertise. Everyone agrees, these employees are any organisations’ greatest asset.

As companies’ business cycles become shorter and shorter fuelled by the pace of technology churn and disruption from new market entrants, the need for agility has never been greater. This agility is necessitating access to the best available talent within an organisation in a seamless and non-time-consuming way.

For many large multi-national organisations, the Joiners-Movers-Leavers process is often a predominantly manual one. When an existing employee moves from one legal entity to another, the task of getting them set up in the various systems and productive in their new role on day one can be an arduous task.

Often, many of these tasks can fall to the Hiring Manager or the employee themselves. Significant levels of coordination across numerous internal functions including Business, Payroll, Finance, HR, IT, Real Estate, Security are required. Due to the manual nature, there is significant scope for these tasks not to be completed correctly or in time leading to huge frustration and a loss in time to productivity.

Leveraging our expertise in People, Process and Best in Class workflow management and integration Technologies, we automate otherwise manual processes providing a single span of control and management of your end to end processes in a fully compliant and transparent way.

We significantly improve the hiring manager and employee experience whilst simultaneously shortening new hire time to productivity. Gibbs Hybrid’s Internal Talent Mobility solution enables you to make the most from your most valuable assets, your employees.

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