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Technology Product & Enablement Innovation

Every day, we demonstrate the value we place on our clients by exceeding their expectations and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We harness our technology & digital capabilities to help our clients apply it across their business. Solving business problems with Gibbs’ technology solutions goes seamlessly from vision to reality and delivers higher performance, reduced costs and more profitable growth.

The fusion of people and processes with technology is gathering pace & shaping a new way of working that empowers organisations that are connected, tech savvy and use technology solutions to automate, innovate and digitally disrupt to gain a competitive advantage.

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Gibbs Hybrid fosters an innovative approach to technology product enablement – we develop hybrid “make & buy” solution stacks highly customised to our client requirements, utilising low-code cloud platforms to increase speed to market, reduce development costs and respond to changing or redesigned business processes in an agile way.

With our BUDITM systems integration cloud platform, Gibbs Hybrid is best placed to connect your application solutions and data to business teams that need them and help them work smarter and faster. We design, build and manage data integrations and APIs so our clients can make business process automation pervasive, mobile and modern.

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GigBUDI delivers end-to-end direct sourcing for curating talent pipelines and requirements. It nurtures the passive, hidden candidate pool and improves candidate ‘fit’ to ensure a higher quality of hire at a lower cost and in a shorter time frame.

Traditional reactive talent sourcing methods can limit candidate quality and the ability to influence candidate pay rates – with GigBUDI, highly qualified and motivated candidates are identified proactively within talent communities and talent marketplaces.

Talent pools that source from job boards, LinkedIn ads and cold calling, tend to focus on active job seeking candidates and engage with only a relatively small proportion of the total candidate market – GigBUDI delivers the recruitment marketing strategy and A.I. technologies to engage and nurture the passive candidate markets and to improve the candidate to role fit to ensure a higher quality of hire.

Refine talent sourcing
In today’s overly connected world, candidates with a digital fingerprint are increasingly easy to identify. However, engagement, qualification and screening, and relationship building with the right candidate is becoming more and more challenging. The war for
talent is real and affecting revenue streams as roles go unfilled and agency fees remain high. With the proliferation of enabling technologies much higher rates of self-sourcing are possible – but still require significant investment in solution integration and
in house recruitment teams.

The GigBUDI fully managed service offering removes all of these sourcing challenges and
provides direct hiring channels to reduce reliance on traditional 3rd party supply for external resources, while, at the same time, removing the need to increase internal recruitment headcount.


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GigBUDI is a registered trademark of Gibbs Hybrid.

The Gibbs Hybrid Business platform for Uniform Development & Integration, BUDI has been developed to answer the needs of client tasked with integrating hybrid application solution architectures and to provide easy access, visibility and control of data sets within their application portfolio.

BUDI provides our clients with capability to implement data, application, API and process integration and automation from both cloud and on -premises system endpoints.

BUDI benefits include:

  • Accelerated solution speed-to-market
  • Reduce coding costs for mobile and desktop apps that require customisation
  • Deployment of reusable integration assets to reduce total cost
  • Deployment of automated processes and reduction of programme FTE
  • Full use of client/Gibbs systems for MI/BI and SLA/KPI dashboards 

BUDI currently focuses on four main solution initiatives:

  • HR and Talent Acquisition solution integration – GigBUDI
  • Payroll
  • Procurement process automation 
  • Finance Management & Back Office data integration and invoice to pay automation. 

Payroll Solution Innovation - you manage your business and leave the payroll to us.

PayBUDI is a complete, full service modern solution for managing all your payroll needs. Our fully integrated end-to-end service does all the hard work for you, including filing and deposits for all tax jurisdictions. PayBUDI minimises payroll headaches, reduces tedious paperwork and makes ‘no penalties’ a reality.

PayBUDI was created to service the rapid increase in outsourcing of payroll services and hybrid payroll solutions. Software-as-a-Service payment models are driving market growth for payroll and PayBUDI is built on the Gibbs Hybrid agile, innovative and low-cost SaaS platform for HC and eProcurement.

Main Solution Features

100% Cloud

Stage Based Payruns

Full Reporting and Analytics

Manager and Worker Self-Service

Time and Leave management

Multi-company support

Supports all Pay types and frequencies

Accounting and GL integration

Pricing Options

PayBUDI is available in three main pricing options:

Pure Pay Payroll allows you to manage your business and leave all your payroll needs to us.

Contractor Payroll is a high-end B2B Contractor management and payroll service. Whether you self-source or engage agency contract workers, Contractor Payroll manages time and expense entry and approval as well as consolidated invoicing.

Full Service Payroll is the ultimate Contractor and Employee management and Payroll service. A full B2B service, Gibbs Hybrid manages your workers according to classification, employs and manages temporary staff for your workforce needs.


Benefits of the PayBUDI Payroll Service

Simplicity. No software to download. The PayBUDI portal provides access to all the data your need and dashboards to manage and monitor your payroll requests and payroll run status.

Accuracy Guarantee. All filings and deposits 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Integration. PayBUDI is completely integrated with finance accounting processes and solutions for seamless payroll management.  Double keying of payroll data is a thing of the past.

Flexibility. You can choose which way you want to pay both employees and non-employees on your payroll.

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Programme Enablement & Adoption

Program Enablement & Adoption is our client success service. It is designed to help clients realise business value faster with Gibbs Hybrid.

Our primary activities consist of building Business Success Plans that are specific to organisational needs and then leveraging change and program delivery resources to execute the plans and deliver the change needed. We help clients solve problems, achieve their operational objectives and get the most out of their chosen solution and strategy. This enables and drives adoption of the business change, enhance end-user experience, deliver success and better business outcomes.

Our Programme Enablement & Adoption methodology has four key stages:

Each key stage is designed to minimise implementation overhead and increase adoption velocity, assure quality standards are respected and ensure all stakeholders are aligned and confident of success.


Business Process Automation (BPA)

A core element of our service offerings is a commitment not to support “As Is” business processes but to look for optimisation and automation opportunities to secure total cost of operating reductions and drive sustainable and profitable business growth.

Gibbs Hybrid apply extensive Business Process Modelling & Re-engineering skills and expertise to ensure business processes are identified, defined and well understood before qualifying them for optimisation and/or automation.

The main benefit to our clients is the adoption of innovative ways of working that eliminate manual, time consuming tasks that cost a lot to run and replace with automation that augments our client’s operational capabilities without significant investment in headcount. Our approach is always to create and deploy BPA to reduce redundancy in task management, reduce costs and enable teams to work faster.

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