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Programme Technology Solutions

Every day, we demonstrate the value we place on our clients by exceeding their expectations and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Programme Technology Solutions provides a range of innovative statement of work solutions that can meet the needs of your technology and business enabled programmes. 

Gibbs Hybrid offer flexible options to control resource demand, project consultancy and delivery. Our clients have consistently reduced their total cost of ownership by partnering with Gibbs to determine through life resource requirements and successfully deliver the right talent, to the technology and change programmes at the right time.

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We specialise in delivering programmes in the £50k – £20m range where our ability to execute at speed with innovation allows our customers to realise benefits quickly. All our solutions are underpinned with our Gibbs Hybrid governance and end-to-end service wrap – a Statement of Work to specify and manage deliverables, PMO & MI teams to manage the cost and effort burn in addition to our Service Management team and Executive Sponsorship to ensure we continually improve and deliver value and end results.

Our clients always have bright ideas for programmes or projects, but those that have the ideas may not necessarily be responsible for the “people” aspect or accountable for the deliverables; and often not even the people who have to run it or deliver it. Moreover, they are accountable for the overall programme. Our “as a Service” offerings further enable us to work with you to define a specialist and cost effective service and solution to achieve your required goals.

Our ARM,RISER & FRMS framework offers our clients a flexible but controlled option for delivery of fixed project outcomes and deliverables, whilst simultaneously removing the headaches and issues associated with workforce management.

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Project Management as a Service

With European IT spend estimated at $453 billion in 2017, organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on their Project Management functions to succeed.

45% of all IT projects go over budget, some spectacularly. With the best of intentions, projects can get out of control.  Organisations require the best in class Project Management skills and tools to help deliver projects on time, to budget and provide the required quality assurance needed to stay ahead of their competition.

While Project management is a growing profession, it requires heavy investment in recruitment, performance, portfolio management, training and development and organisations are faced with acute skills shortages.  Gibbs Hybrid PMaaS – Project Management as a Service – offers a solution to this challenge, driving the end to end cost of delivery down and improving the organisation’s ability to respond in an agile way to threats and opportunities.

Our bespoke on-demand service provides qualified professionals, using a proven set of tools and governance. Our project managers tackle all levels of engagement, from assessing delivery capability issues to running projects, programmes or portfolios of work.

What is Project Management?

With European IT spend estimated at $453 billion in 2017, organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on their Project Management functions to succeed.  Project management is ultimately the control of cost, schedule and scope but in today’s climate that remit has changed significantly.

Introducing Project Management as a Service

Organisations are driven to be more agile, nimble and responsive to market challenges.  Gibbs Hybrid Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) is a response to this imperative.  It is a three-tier customer-centric service designed to help clients improve their delivery capability, reduce risk and free up internal resource and reduce overhead costs.

We offer a blend of scalable services designed to provide ready-made, professional, qualified project teams who can assess, control and deliver change in the most efficient way possible.

Our Methodology

Assess current delivery capability with an initial cost-free assessment of the current situation.
Provide improvement suggestions and a roadmap for success.
Facilitate the adoption of new frameworks, including Agile, Waterfall or bespoke methods to support the organisation and provide measurable business benefits.


  • Define a resource model that flexes to suit the life of the project and the organisation’s needs.
  • Quality at speed service to ramp projects up, or down based on responses to organisational need.
  • Offer commercial terms that mean we can smoothly transfer knowledge to the client before exiting
  • Gainshare principal – deliver early and our clients win.
  • The Academy – standardised delivery with focussed, trained, experienced teams that hit the ground running earlier in the life cycle.


  • The Gibbs RISER delivery framework – a framework that improves governance without compromising delivery.
  • A Toolkit that provides end to end visibility and traceability of requirements.
  • An MI suite based on data and trend analysis – from risk profiling to status reporting, burn rate to cost forecast.
  • Offer relevant and timely MI to manage risk help stakeholders make timely decisions and improve communication.
  • Offer an independent delivery view.  Data-driven assessments provide transparent delivery position and forecast.

Case Study

Project Management as a Service

Our client was breaking into new digital territory and as a result faced numerous challenges in order to succeed in getting their product to market in a speedy and effective way. The client realised that in order to make significant in-roads they would need to on-board a variety of skilled PM’s and PMO’s at different times and resources could they develop their digital offering swiftly.

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Scrum as a Service

Whether you are looking to internalise your Scrum Team or have an on demand service to manage your Scrum Team meetings globally, Gibbs Hybrid can help.

As organisations move to a more Agile way of working the need to deploy suitably skilled Scrum Teams becomes ever more important. Our collaboration with you will determine what your SCRUM requirements are and we will then provide a suitable SCRUM model to suit your needs.

Gibbs Hybrid can provide extra capacity and expertise to carry out new ideas for delivery; our team will transfer their knowledge to your organisation. We give you the transparency of the teams’ performance such as Velocity and Burn down rates so you are always in control.

We provide full service and account management to rapidly expedite any issues as or if they arise.

Transition and Replacement Services

Are you looking to switch from an incumbent supplier? Whether it’s for cost reduction, more effective delivery and/or process standardisation, Gibbs Hybrid Transition Services can help you.

Our method emphasises everything you’d expect, plus extra value-add, additional analytical statistics, continuous improvement through trusted relationships, collaborative partnership approach, re-engineering and innovation and access to better talent and technology, carried out quickly and efficiently.

We’ll manage all parts of the transition seamlessly, while mitigating risk and loss of business.

Case Study

Transition Study

Gibbs Hybrid were approached to assist one of our global Credit Card clients with the transition of resources from incumbent suppliers. Timelines were very tight and certain contractual clauses with the incumbents needed to be resolved.

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Multi-Discipline & Programme Deliverables

Do you have a project that you need to deliver with tight deadlines, multi-disciplines and restrictive budgets? Allow Gibbs Hybrid to collaborate and partner with you to achieve your outcomes.

With our unique Agile and project delivery methodology, we can partner with you to create a bespoke solution to achieve your project successes whilst utilising our skilled and talented Consultants, all underpinned by an end to end fully managed solution, including Service Management, MI, PMO & Finance Support.

We spend time with you to ensure that we fully understand your culture & requirements and build a robust team and delivery engine to meet each and every objective.

We cover varying types of programmes covering mid-level spend and budgets ranging from £50k to £20M.

Whilst our technical coverage and expertise is vast, we are specialists with Programme Management, Business Analysis, Testing, Architecture, Marketing and Communications, Implementation, Data Centre Migrations and Change Management.

We take pride in our partnership with our clients and work especially hard to ensure we never put those relationships at risk and expertly execute whilst adding value throughout each engagement.

Regulatory & Compliance - KYC / AML

Gibbs Hybrid Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) programme teams, based in Luxembourg, support major financial institutions across the globe.

“Professional money launderers …are running billions of illegal drug and other criminal profits through the banking system with a 99 per cent success rate,” Rob Wainright, Europol director. “The banks are spending $20 billion a year to run the compliance regime … and we are seizing 1 per cent of criminal assets every year in Europe.”

The cost to banks – both in reputation and in earnings – is enormous. Our KYC/AML team help our customer’s businesses to reduce risks related to money laundering and improve its ability to meet regulatory compliance for programme control.

Download our services brochure here:
KYC AML Gibbs Hybrid

Gibbs Hybrid offers our clients a range of end to end, interchangeable, Know Your Customer services that can be tailored to suit individual business needs. Whether it’s full scale account migrations with complete end to end process design and management or individual services to supplement your organisation’s existing AML Programme.

The Gibbs Hybrid KYC Solution helps our clients define and optimise Processes & Tools whilst providing highly trained, accredited and multi lingual teams unpinned by our Agile Project Management Principles (PMaaS). The end game is enabling our clients to meet their Regulatory Commitments whilst mitigating the risk in a more efficient and cost effective way.

Why choose Gibbs Hybrid for AML/KYC:

  • Multi-location, multilingual team, adapted to local jurisdictions and working together – London, Dublin, Luxembourg
  • Single supplier across geographies
  • Tailored team, fully customised by the client – completely mobile, and with appropriate skill levels employed.
  • Core service can be seamlessly integrated with the company’s Project Management as a Service and technical implementation offerings to support and deepen projects.


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