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Outsourcing as a Service

Every day, we demonstrate the value we place on our clients by exceeding their expectations and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Gibbs Hybrid partners with you through our Outsourcing as a Service -offering to help transform your business and deliver quantifiable improvements.

Gibbs Hybrid’s delivers a new class of outsourcing to generate better business results, while providing visibility and control to your business with measurable, predictable and repeatable outsourcing service delivery. Our offering is focused on three main principles: customer first, automation, and cost control.

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Outsourcing and shared service offerings are continuously changing. Gibbs Hybrid’s 21st Century Outsourcing includes a combination of business and technology forces combined to drive the need for “digital” solutions. Digital, within Outsourcing, is the challenge of being more customer-centric i.e. putting the customer first. Gibbs Hybrid recognises the need to increase solution speed to market, rapidly respond to customer needs, and create authentic brand customer touchpoints.

Every organisation is different – with different priorities, objectives and culture. Gibbs Hybrid recognises this and values these differences to create unique outsourcing services customised to fit client scope, organisational dynamics and the ROI imperative.

Whether you are seeking to outsource parts of a process or a function we remain committed to being an extension of your business.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Gibbs Hybrid's BPO proposition provides an option to outsource part, some or all of your key business task lifecycle processes.

This delegation of responsibility to Gibbs Hybrid frees up time for your organisation to focus on the value generating aspects of your processes.

We deliver with expert execution and treat the processes you’ve outsourced as our own – with continual improvement baked in to deliver increasing value.

Headcount Outsourcing

Your business is expanding. But how do you manage the talent gaps?

Gibbs Hybrid Headcount Outsourcing can be done on a large or small scale – as well as overseeing administrative processes or for specialist roles that require highly skilled people.

If you’re looking for ways to control budgets, reduce headcount and lower payroll and benefits costs, while increasing your access to skilled and experienced people without the responsibility of managing the staffing process, then Headcount Outsourcing may be the right choice for you.

Gibbs Hybrid turn variable in-house resource costs into a fixed service fee with a well-defined scope of work in a service agreement with agreed levels of delivery quality and highly effective performance management of headcount built in.

Build, Operate & Transfer

Gibbs Hybrid's BOT is a service that meets the increasing challenge of international organisations moving operational functions across geographies.

We Build the new operation centre from the bottom up, Operate the business function and Transfer the new performing Operation back into the organisation.

Our service provides rapid scaling of your operations, reduced infrastructure set-up costs and critically reduced time to operational efficiency.


In today's politically and economically uncertain world, reintroducing services and headcount to your domestic market of choice is now a strategy that can’t be ignored.

The wage gap between your onshore and offshore centres is shrinking, and a stronger emphasis is being placed on product and service quality – enabling better brand management and enhancing customer experience.

However, reshoring comes with significant complexity and serious challenges. Underestimating the level of preparation and planning needed and trying to do everything with unskilled reshoring teams, can lead to unexpected costs and service failure.

Gibbs Hybrid has significant expertise and experience to ensure your reshoring business case is enhanced, protected, and implemented to plan.  Whether you seek to optimise your supply chain, enhance customer service, drive higher productivity and quality, or do all three, Gibbs Hybrid can support and manage your reshoring needs.

Helpdesk/Service Desk & Customer Experience

Gibbs Hybrid's Service desk outsourcing places the emphasis on delighting the customer at the heart of the service desk.

Customer centricity is woven into our DNA – all our contacts are met with helpful professionalism. We offer multi-channel support with our ITILv3 team and provide self-service, so the status of requests is always known against SLAs that we’ll define with you.

Comprehensive reporting allows for integration into your Incident and problem management processes and our service management reviews enables continual service improvement.

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