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Outsourcing as a Service

Every day, we demonstrate the value we place on our clients by exceeding their expectations and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Gibbs Hybrid partners with you through our Outsourcing as a Service - offering to help transform your business and deliver quantifiable improvements.

Gibbs Hybrid’s delivers a new class of outsourcing to generate better business results, while providing visibility and control to your business with measurable, predictable and repeatable outsourcing service delivery. Our offering is focused on three main principles: customer first, automation, and cost control across our Shared Services, BPO and RPO Centre of Excellence.

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Outsourcing and shared service offerings are continuously changing. Gibbs Hybrid’s 21st Century Outsourcing includes a combination of business and technology forces combined to drive the need for “digital” solutions. Digital, within Outsourcing, is the challenge of being more customer-centric i.e. putting the customer first. Gibbs Hybrid recognises the need to increase solution speed to market, rapidly respond to customer needs, and create authentic brand customer touchpoints.

Every organisation is different – with different priorities, objectives and culture. Gibbs Hybrid recognises this and values these differences to create unique outsourcing services customised to fit client scope, organisational dynamics and the ROI imperative.

Whether you are seeking to outsource parts of a process or a function we remain committed to being an extension of your business.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Gibbs Hybrid's BPO proposition provides an option to outsource part, some or all of your key business task lifecycle processes.

This delegation of responsibility to Gibbs Hybrid frees up time for your organisation to focus on the value generating aspects of your processes.

We deliver with expert execution and treat the processes you’ve outsourced as our own – with continual improvement baked in to deliver increasing value.

Talent Acquisition Centre of Excellence (RPO) EMEA

Whether you wish to partner with a specialist Talent Acquisition provider that can deliver a full end-end capability or you simply require support with certain parts of the Talent Acquisition process such as sourcing and screening, building of talent communities or your Employer Value Proposition, Gibbs Hybrid works with you in partnership to deliver better outcomes.

At Gibbs Hybrid, we support organisations looking for specialist Talent Acquisition providers that can supplement and complement their own HR and Talent Acquisition expertise and capabilities.

Whether you are looking for a full end-end capability to manage a specific short-term project or you need support with just certain parts of the Talent Acquisition process, Gibbs Hybrid can help. Utilising our Training Academy to help bridge skills gap, Gibbs Hybrid will support with Training innovation and methodologies to secure the best talent.

The services we provide range from more transactional activities such as recruitment administration and interview scheduling to higher value, specialist expertise and capability. The creation of talent communities, building digital recruitment marketing campaigns using specific, relevant and targeted recruitment marketing content conveying a compelling Employer Value Proposition. We aim to drive high levels of multi-channel candidate engagement and support digital sourcing strategies.

Through close partnership with our clients, we optimise your Talent Acquisition outcomes by supplementing capability gaps, building expertise and through increased levels of candidate engagement providing the best quality candidates.

Market Mapping as a Service EMEA (MMaaS)

Software, people, ideas and organizations are becoming completely mobile. As barriers of language are reduced, educational opportunities diversify and cultural exchanges increase, the business imperative becomes not what will I produce or develop, but where will I develop it to make optimal use of the best people at the most competitive cost.

The practice of Market Mapping, also known as Talent Mapping, is a core skill for Gibbs Hybrid, because we see it as not just a way to fill an open requirement for a talented individual, but as a strategic market advantage for our clients, giving them the in-depth insights they need to make resourcing decisions. We have, in fact, being market mapping internally for several years but have recently invested in the development of a focussed and specialized team to carry out such projects for internal use as well as for clients. Why?

A dynamic and business-imperative driven organization, faced with skill-driven talent market, can stumble without the right data. This data comes from many sources, because it is an amalgam of hard information – pay rates, benchmarks, quantity of professionals available, work permit requirements – and softer data – perception of the company, attractiveness of the location, influence of a university. Sources include government and publicly available reports, competitive analysis developed in-house, local knowledge and even social media platforms, which can be an unfiltered window into sentiment.

While at one end a simple report could just offer pay rate information broken down by country, a more sophisticated report takes into account these ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ data points to give our clients a full analysis and business decision support document.

For clients faced with a – typically – short time scale and a significant location decision, we have developed a simple tool – the Gibbs Hybrid Desirability Score – which takes account of the myriad of inputs discussed above and rolls them up into a single number. The Score can act as a broad comparative indicator, showing the relative desirability of locating a project or a team in one market or another. The Score is necessarily subjective, based as it is on many inputs, but can be a useful piece of information that becomes part of the ultimate location decision.

The Gibbs Hybrid Market Mapping team is based at our Gdansk, Poland office and supports operations throughout EMEA.

Build, Operate & Transfer

Gibbs Hybrid's BOT is a service that meets the increasing challenge of international organisations moving operational functions across geographies.

Are you seeking to relocate functions of your business to Poland? Looking for a high quality location with exceptional talent? If so, Gibbs Hybrid can support with a full end to end methodology to support your entire Build, Operate and Transfer of your business functions seamlessly.

We Build the new operation centre from the bottom up, Operate the business function whilst you seek to build your infrastructure and when ready Transfer the new performing operation back into the organisation.

Our service provides rapid scaling of your operations, reduced infrastructure set-up costs and critically reduced time to operational efficiency.

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